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Walmart Automation vs. Investing in Real Estate and Stocks

Should you invest money in a Walmart automation or in real estate and stocks? Let’s talk it over. 

Walmart Automation

Walmart Automation is when you have a Walmart store that is being managed by a team for you. This team will do everything that is required to run and operate your store. Everything from product research to customer service will be taken care of. Essentially, you will be leveraging someone else’s time and expertise to get ahead.

This allows you to take advantage of the eCommerce industry without having to spend thousands of hours becoming an expert yourself.

Advantages of Walmart Automation

Leverage an expert team – This is probably one of the biggest benefits. Leverage is the number one skill the wealthy use. If you can add an additional income source without adding more time, you are clearly ahead. Instead of spending 5000+ hours becoming an expert, you get to leverage the skills of people that already have

Automated income stream – This allows you to add an additional income stream without having to put in all the work. You get to enjoy your extra income and your extra time.

Make money in any market – Most income streams can only make money when times are good. In eCommerce, people buy regardless of if the markets are doing well

Credit card points to travel – Another cool perk that most don’t think about is the credit card points you will rack up when you purchase inventory. This will allow you to travel for free or use your card points for other rewards.

Minimal upfront capital compared to real estate – Real estate you will need a large down payment depending on the size of property you are getting. Dropshipping allows you to start without upfront inventory so that you can scale without inventory risk.

More reliable and consistent thank stocks – Stocks can be a great place to make money but stocks are a supplementary investment and not really an income. If you don’t know what you’re doing you will lose your money very quickly. Dropshopping is an actual business that you can rely on once scaled.

Disadvantages of Walmart Automation

Picking the wrong team – Unfortunately, just like in any business, there are always scammers and people looking to take advantage of people. You will need to make sure you do your research, look at the proof and find a company that is trusted by others. If you pick the wrong team, you will lose your money

Picking a strategy – If you have the correct team, you will not need to worry about this. A proper team will have a dropshipping strategy for you that is NOT against terms of service. Whether it’s us you choose or something else, please make sure you know if their strategy is within terms of service otherwise your account will get banned and you will lose your money


As mentioned, stocks shouldn’t be treated as income. If you have extra money from all of your income streams then that would be an ideal time to look into the markets. There are a lot of factors that will destroy you if you do not know what you are doing.

Advantages of Stocks

Liquid – Stocks for the most part are quite liquid. This means you can take your money out whenever you like

Upside potential – We’ve all heard the stories of people picking the right stock and getting rich. This does not happen often and you need to know what you’re doing to pick the right stock

Dividend-paying – You can find stocks that pay dividends. They aren’t usually anything incredible but a good option to diversify into

Disadvantages of Stocks

Volatile – Stock can be VERY volatile depending on market conditions you can lose your money very quickly 

Stressful and emotional – Because of it’s gambling nature, it can be very stressful when you are losing and euphoric when you are winning (which also is not good because you get greedy)

Lose money – 95% of traders lose money so the odds are definitely against you. Do not invest until you know what you are doing

Real Estate

Real estate is a great investment. We don’t feel that you should NOT invest in it if you are doing something else. Most wealthy have some form of real estate. It is a great way to diversify and build long-term wealth.

Advantages of Real Estate

Tax advantages – Depending on your location, real estate offers a bunch of tax incentives

Long-term investment – There aren’t many income streams that beat real estate long-term. It’s a great place to park your money

Consistent – Real estate typically is fairly consistent. Market fluctuations can change this but for the most part, it stays consistent.

Disadvantages of Real Estate

Large upfront capital – Real estate typically has a large cost to entry. You can get properties for cheaper but those likely aren’t the ones that will benefit you in the long term 

Costly – If you buy the wrong places, you will get hammered with costs and it might make your entire investment not worth it

Markets – Markets can crash and completely wipe away all the equity you’ve made to date. Timing of the market is critical 

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