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Diversify your income with Amazon Automation or Walmart Automation and take advantage of our 50k/month guarantee offer.

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Enjoy Full-Service Amazon and Walmart Expertise

Our approach to Amazon Automation and Walmart Automation is uniquely built around what we know works…and what we know doesn’t work.

For over 5 years, we have grown personal and private client stores. We help ambitious people like you generate a hands-free business that helps you diversify your income. Welcome to Lunar Automation!

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Amazon Automation and Walmart Automation

Product Research & Supplier Relationships

We will use our formulas for finding winning products so we don’t waste time with unprofitable products. We also leverage our current supplier relationships that have taken years to build.

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Managing Your Store And Fulfilling Orders

Our 7 figure team manages the day-to-day operations of your store including fulfilling client orders to ensure it grows and scales effectively.

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Account Metrics & Customer Service

We have a dedicated customer-friendly support team that will address customer inquires as well as making sure all account metrics are healthy.

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Why Choose Lunar Automation?


Boba and his team has over 5 years of experience in this space fulfilling work for his personal stores as well as private clients. He has sold over $100 million on Amazon and Walmart so his formula works.


We guarantee your store will be at 50k/mo in sales in 6 months or we will work for free until we get you there. We also offer a buyback guarantee if you do not make your initial cost back within 18 months. This is how confident we are in our system!

Not Against T.O.S.

We are the ONLY company that offers Amazon Automation and Walmart Automation dropshipping services that are NOT against terms of service. Other companies risk your account getting suspended but our secret method allows you to take advantage of dropshippping without risking your account.

Social Proof

Boba manages hundreds of successful private clients with plenty of positive reviews.


What They Say About Lunar Automation?

“Thank you to boba and the team. My store has exploded and their team has been there for all the questions I have asked along the way.

Thank you!”

Mark E.

Client of Company

“Hey Boba, I can’t believe my sales have reached over 60K in the last 30 days!!!

Please make sure you let the team know good job and I’m ready to place another purchase order for around $15,000″


Private Client

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