Investing Vs Owning a Business

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What Is an Owner of a Business?

A business owner is a person who has financial and operational authority over a company. Any organization, even an online store or a freelance writer, that creates and offers products and services for a profit is regarded as a business. Either one person or a group of individuals can operate a business. Regardless, the business’s owners are in total charge and are in charge of developing a plan, hiring people, and overseeing regular business operations.

What Is an Investment?

Investing is the process of allocating your funds into a project or undertaking in order to receive income, gains or profit. There is a level of speculation and your money is at risk of the performance of that project. Typically a low-risk investment offers lower risk returns such as higher risk investments offer a higher return. There are many different investments from stocks to funds to pre-built businesses.

What Distinguishes a Business from Investing?

Investing involves you loaning/giving a business or entity money in exchange for something that hopes to give you a return on that money. Beginning your own business entails putting time, money, and effort into an endeavor with you or a partner where you are fully responsible for its operations. You are investing in yourself and your company with this example instead of with another company or entity. 

Benefits of Starting Your Own Business 

The possibility to earn based on the efforts you put in while operating your own schedule is what attracts people to be a business owner. There are plenty of other reasons why starting a business and betting on yourself is a great idea. Here are some other benefits:

Your Job Security Is Based On Your Effort, Not Others That Will Dispense You At Any Given Time If You Have A Job

The employment and career stability that most employees once depended on has now virtually vanished with the demise of labor unions and the widespread perception of workers as commodities. The majority of people work multiple jobs throughout their careers, which may be interspersed by times when they are unemployed. Being a business owner also increases your write-offs to reduce your taxes. Having the ability to be in control of your taxes allows you to save money for more security. 

Various Options for Retirement 

When you work for another person, your retirement contributions are only allowed up to the amount that they permit. Also, as you are a salaried employee, you know that there is a roof on your income that might not be enough for you to retire contently. You might or might not be eligible to increase your retirement savings through a personal IRA depending on your income. When you work for yourself, you can create retirement plans with substantially higher contribution caps. You also do not have a roof on your income therefore you can earn more over time as your business grows.

People frequently look for a job or career change that pays more has the best benefits or fits their skill set. Unfortunately, people rarely look over jobs or would be able to find jobs doing something they absolutely love. When you start a business, you can choose to do something you love. When your business is something you love doing, you will be fulfilled each day and earn while doing it.

Choose When You “Retire”

Owning your own business provides you an opportunity to make your own schedule and earn based on your output. With no cap on your income, you have the potential to retire much sooner than if you were to have a job. Early retirement with a job is fairly difficult as your retirement savings will only go so far.

While there may be an opportunity to retire early, just know that it is not as easy as it seems. It can take years of no income before you get the chance to pay yourself. 9 out of 10 businesses fail over a period of 5 years. It is not always a great fit for people and you have to be willing to give it 100% because if you don’t, you will fail. A successful business can give you a life that not many can live but it can also be the reason you are most stressed which is why it might not be for everyone. 

Benefits of Investing in a Business

Profit From Other’s Efforts

With investing, you aren’t likely the one calling the shots. You are the one lending/giving money to someone in exchange for a hopeful return on your money. This means that if things work out and you made a profit, you did so without your own time. This is called leverage and is the biggest tool of the wealthy. The more you invest in different endeavors, the more you earn without your time. The wealthy invest, the poor do not.

Anyone Can Do It

As mentioned previously, owning your own business is not for everyone. They do produce a much higher failure rate and comes with a higher risk higher reward model. The benefit of investing is that anyone can do it if you have the resources. You can invest whether you have a job or a business and if you don’t know how to invest, there are advisors that help. This allows everyone to build additional income streams beyond what they have currently.

Choose When You “Retire”

As mentioned with being a business owner, with investing you can also retire early. This is by allowing your money to work for you. The more you invest, the more your money compounds (as long as you are picking the right investments). As your income grows, you will be closer to retirement.

Stay Ahead Of Inflation

If you are not investing and growing your money, you are actually losing it because of inflation. Inflation is a slow killer of your savings. By investing in the correct things, you will be beating inflation and not losing over time.

Save On Taxes

As with being a business owner, you also get tax advantages. There are many tax loopholes that favor investors in any country even as basic as 401k accounts. By saving on taxes you save more of the money you earn.

Whether you are a business owner or have a job, investing is what every wealthy person does and is something you need to do to hit your financial goals. 

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